Ministry Update: Christ Arose!

February, 2020

News from Paul and Joyce Travis

“I am the resurrection and the Life.” John 11:25

This is a wonderful truth, Jesus Christ IS the resurrection and the life. Recorded here in John 11 is the account of Lazarus’s death and the resulting grief that his sisters, Mary and Martha, experienced. But Jesus was there with the encouraging words mentioned above.

We want this letter to let you know some of the activity in our lives. We cannot possibly express sufficiently our thanks to you all for all the prayer, gifts and encouragements that you have expressed the past two months.

We have looked for three years to find someone that was able and willing to perform the needed surgery that was required for Joyce to be able to chew food. Our dentist had advised her to have her upper teeth removed and use an upper denture which has never worked due to gagging and ill-fitting. We did not know until all the upper teeth were removed that her ridge was not wide enough to use implants.

We believe that the Lord had it planned for Rich Miller, the president of our ministry, to direct us to his brother-in-law, an oral surgeon, in Georgia. In December he performed surgery and included bone grafting and placing four implants. After proper healing there will be more surgery in June for the caps and a denture.

Though this has been on our minds, we have been very busy with the ministry we love, that of leading people to freedom in Christ. We have had a real joy in mentoring pastors and other Christians. Counseling has been increasing, with several couples who have been led individually. With the ladies Joyce has always been a prayer partner. Teaching and preaching has been a delight. PRAISE THE LORD.


Look at a calendar
Write a check
Go to work
Collect or pay rent
Get a receipt
Make a bank deposit
Make a date
Sign a contract
Dictate a document
Read a paper
Pay a electric bill
Draw up a will
Buy a vehicle
GOD CRIES, A. D.  A. D.  A. D.

John 20:2 – 8 gives us a very encouraging account with Peter and John running to the tomb that first Resurrection morning. There are three original words for saw. Because John was younger, he outran Peter to the tomb. And it says that be stooped down and looked in the tomb. This word is a general word for seeing.

When Peter arrived, it says that he went right into the tomb and saw the linen clothes and the face cloth lying separately. This word for saw means to view with interest and contemplation. The third word means “to attain to true knowledge”. When John went in the tomb, it says that he “saw and believed.” This word for saw means that he saw the significance and what the situation meant. When he saw the grave clothes and the face cloth neatly folded separately, be knew exactly what it meant. When a body has been wrapped in cloth and the body has been removed without unraveling the cloth it means that Jesus came out of that cloth miraculously. In other words, HE AROSE.

We pray for you all and we desire you to pray for us. We thank you for your support and God bless you!

Together for His glory,
Paul and Joyce


PDF version: P_Travis_2_2020

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Ministry Update – July 2019

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Ministry Update: May, 2019

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. ” Philippians 4:19

This is what we believe.

Our thought has been that you all have made this ministry possible; but it is the Lord who lays it upon your heart to pray and give to this ministry. We are very thankful, and the Lord needs to be praised for He is the One who causes it to happen. Sometimes we go through a testing time, but for 24 years the Lord has provided. If the support does not come in, we believe we need to pray more and make our needs known.

God is always faithful and we continue to trust Him and be obedient to His Word. We are finding that we need to pray and work with those in need, but we also need to pray for the Lord’s wisdom, faith and guidance. We do not always fulfill God’s will, so pray for us as well. It has been amazing to see how the Lord has blessed so much. Many lives have been changed and helped. Praise Him rather than us.

Recently we have been seeing pastors and Christian leaders applying more biblical truth that brings blessing. May the Lord be praised. We can proclaim truth but it’s the application of truth that really makes the difference. We don’t know all of God’s truth, so we have to rely on the Holy Spirit to reveal and bring application in people’s lives.
What a privilege it is to share the love of God, and tell individuals that Christ has completely paid for their sins, and the Holy Spirit has been sent to provide answers to our needs. It is a real joy to mingle among people and see those who have been freed from bondage and see how the Lord is blessing. It is tremendous to realize how that the Lord has accomplished so much in those who have placed their faith and trust in His Truth. We are continuing to believe and claim His promise that was placed at the beginning of this letter. We cannot do it, but the Holy Spirit can. Will you praise with us that whatever is being accomplished is truly the work of God, not us. You have prayed and given support and one day we will be able to share together how God has led.

Think of these truths: We have been saved from the penalty of sin; we are being saved from the power of sin; and we will be saved from the presence of sin. This was such a blessing to an individual believer during the last few days.

Please keep praying for God’s promises are true and real. People come, call and share confidentially. It is wonderful to see how the Lord accomplishes His desire and will in Christian lives. We just got off the phone, answering questions for three hours. We cannot change lives, but God can and does. If you would like this ministry to continue, please pray with us and for us. We have never asked anyone for a contribution, but you know we live by the support that comes in. We pray the Lord’s blessing on all of you that have given and are giving. The blessing will last throughout eternity.

Together for His glory,

Paul and Joyce

PDF copy: Travis_May_2019

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Ministry Letter: Easter, 2019

Read our current ministry letter on this page.


scanned copy of our mailed letter

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Ministry Update

Paul and Joyce will be assisting with a Freedom in Christ practicum for four days in Lenoir City, TN this month. Here is their recent prayer letter.

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Ministry Update – November, 2018

Here is the ministry letter from Paul and Joyce for October (PDF file): Paul_Travis_11_2018

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Ministry Update – October 2018

Here is the ministry letter from Paul and Joyce for October (PDF file): Paul Travis 10 2018

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