Paul and Joyce

paul_joycePaul and Joyce Travis have been on staff with Freedom in Christ Ministries since 1995. They conduct Finding Freedom in Christ Seminars, Setting Your Church, Marriage, or Ministry Free Retreats: Breaking the Bondage of Legalism Seminars, Parenting Seminars and training in Discipleship Counseling. They also spend much time in personal discipleship counseling.

Paul graduated from the London Bible College, and received his theological degree from the London Theological Seminary in Ontario Canada. He soon started churches and was a pastor for thirty-one years. After the death of his wife, he received counseling and counseling training. He then began counseling full-time, as director of Christ Centered Counseling in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Throughout his life and ministry, he has experienced much of what he now sees as legalism. He realizes how he has been a spiritual performer, driven to work hard for God – believing that he had to do right, look right, be right in order to be all right with God. With this in mind, he has co-authored a book entitled: Breaking the Bondage of Legalism.

Joyce has always been interested and involved in Christian work. She was instrumental in starting the Christian Women’s Club in Hendersonville, North Carolina and worked in leadership capacity for ten years. After losing her husband, she became office manager of Christ-Centered Counseling. In 1989, she and Paul were married, and after a short time they joined Freedom in Christ Ministries.

Paul and Joyce have four married sons, and enjoy living near most of their eight grandchildren. This often enables them to have “family night,” which is a real joy.

They often travel to freedom events together and do some role-playing in presenting the freedom message. Since Paul has had a real love for the church, he often serves as an interim pastor, when available, and enjoys speaking and teaching Bible studies. Presently, he is working on another book: “Experiencing the God of Grace.” The. message of this book is the Christian experience being all about Him, and how to develop a balance between legalism and looseness.

This ministry has taken them to over 100 churches in 26 states, D.C., Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Northern Ireland, and the U.K. This ministry has been sustained by prayers and gifts from friends and those being helped.

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