StepsThe Freedom in Christ Seminar
-Leading ones to know and experience their identity in Christ, how to win the battle for their mind with truth and forgiving those who have hurt them. This event always ends with going through the Steps to Freedom.

“I went through the materials myself and I say with no hesitation that the Lord changed my life and brought me into a spiritual level that I had not known before. I experienced confession of sins, repentance, the filling of the Holy Spirit and a joy in Christ that has never left me. The materials are biblically based and are in every way sound and useful.”

-Dr. Gene Mims, President of LifeWay Church Resources

The “Setting Your Church or Ministry Free” Retreat

“If I were a pastor, I would be chomping at the bit to implement this in my church. The same would be true anyplace in the world.”

-Dr. Timothy M. Warner, former Director of Professional Doctoral Programs Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

The “Setting Your Marriage Free” Retreat

The Parenting Seminar

Training in Discipleship Counseling

Contact us to inquire about how to schedule an event.


2 Responses to Ministries

  1. Eric wakoli says:

    hi servant of God, it is of great apleasure to meet you, iam
    apostle Eric wakoli from kenya.iam born again by christian
    faith.ivisted your website and got embraced with your mighty
    services,they had real touched my heart together with my church
    members.due to your strong
    faith about God whom we serve,i do request your fellowship,rather
    working under your condusive ministry,i had decided so because your belief agrees with our faith.togetherness will enable your powerful sermon to convert the lost sheep to the right truck,also will enable
    us do more to magnify his name.indeed you are the best person i
    should stay connected to because your sermons injects life to dead my ministry i have not get rooted that is why i need
    your lovable nourishment through fellowship,prayers and be my spiritual guider/true friend for
    life,i will be glady to hear from you blessed
    abundantly.surely we love you.

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