“I want to express my appreciation for Paul Travis. He is a godly man of wisdom. We were blessed by his time with us. I don’t know when I met a man with his dedication. He was single minded in teaching the truth of God’s Word.” – Trig Rohrbach, Burke Community Church, Burke, Virginia.

“It was a blessing to have Paul and Joyce here for the Freedom in Christ conference. We continue to see people cleansed, healed and set free as they stand on who they are in Christ and renew their minds in Him.”
– Dr. Larry A. Payne, Psychologist, Murphy, North Carolina

“A former student came to see me last Friday after your ministry to her on
Thursday. I don’t know what you did, but she was a different person. She, as you probably know, was a former student at our college where I am the counselor. She has been a special person to me for several years. So many prayers that were prayed for her seemed to have been answered through your ministry to her. Praise God!”
-from a college counselor

“Since I met Paul Travis at Virginia Beach and asked him to come and take our pastors and board members through the steps to freedom personally as well as taking the leadership through Setting Your Church Free, our church has not been the same. Our senior pastor is convicted that revival will come to our church.”
-pastor from the Washington DC area writes:

A lady writes: “I’m so glad our Lord has used Paul Travis in his teachings. Because my new life is a much happier one. Fear is gone, that foolishness that satan had put in my head is no longer there ‘Praise God’!! Iam free!!”
– counselee

“The four men of our church staff were taken through the seven steps to freedom in Christ. As a result, in our staff meetings, we look back upon this time as a time of personal victory. We desire to implement this biblical approach throughout our membership. We rejoice to see many being set free, truly free in Christ.”
-pastor from North Carolina

“I praise God because He has used your ministry to set me free from tormenting thoughts and panic attacks. It is nothing less than a miracle! I can’t pinpoint one particular thing that happened while going through the Steps to Freedom, but I knew immediately that something was different.”
– counselee

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