March 2021 Update

March 2020 ministry update

We never cease being amazed how the Lord uses faithful people like yourselves to provide for the needs of this ministry. We appreciate you so much. We are trusting the Lord that He meets your needs as well as ours. We thank you for your part in making this all possible.

We cannot count the number of times professing Christians are mentioning their concern that their friends and loved ones are drifting. This usually involves asking for prayer. Now, what does this mean? When making a research, we find many descriptive words such as: tendency, inclination, trend, digression, being carried away, wandering, straying, controlling influence, varying from the course, and gradual deviation. Some may not be saved.

We start by leading an individual to know who he or she really is as a child of God, how valuable they are, and how the Lord wants to make them more and more like Jesus Christ which is His purpose for them.

In our research we came up with this statement: the ones having difficulty are those who are deceived and making choices for which they are responsible, without realizing how wrong and sinful they are.

Spiritual drifting is wandering away from God and His will, and takes place when a believer ceases to steer toward the Lord. If a Christian continually excuses his wandering away and denies sin, his conscience gets numbed. He becomes hardened to the things of God. The drifting believer sacrifices the victorious life in Christ for an existence devoid of permanent satisfaction.

Please pray for us as we face new kinds of problems which lead to solutions in Christ. Skipping church in order to pursue other interests, for example, usually indicates that a believer has begun to drift away from God. We need to attend worship for nourishing our heart and mind with principles and encouragement from the Bible. We should be in is pages, reading and meditating faithfully.

Hebrews 2 warns us: “We must give the earnest heed to the things we have heard lest we drift away; how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?” We have accepted a motto: if the Bible calls it sin, our opinion doesn’t matter.

Remember, if we know Jesus Christ as our Savior, Lord and life, our best days are coming!

Love in Christ,

Paul and Joyce

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Full time biblical counselors and equippers serving with Freedom in Christ Ministries
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