Summer Newsletter – 2016

Here is a PDF copy: Summer_2016

We never cease being amazed how the Lord uses faithful people like yourselves to provide for the needs of this ministry. Many are finding freedom in Christ from all kinds of needs. We thank you for your part in making this all possible.
Helping hurting people and those that just need freedom from bondages is continuing. We minister often at our home church. Also we have been proclaiming our message to other churches. For example the Pisgah Forest Baptist Church near Brevard, NC. Recently we spoke there on Sunday morning. As a result we have been engaged for ten Sunday evenings speaking on “Grace vs. Legalism,”taken from our book, “Grace That Breaks the  Chains.”
We have enjoyed good health for decades.but our doctor just found two large kidney stones that need to be removed. Please pray that our series of messages will not be interrupted too much. Also after the series is over, the Lord willing, we will be ministering another series on Grace and Freedom at Ridgecrest Conference Center, speaking three times to the Association of Christian Chiropractors (mentioned on the Internet). This will involve many across the United States.In the past they have usually met annually out west, but have chosen to meet in the east this year.
We are mentoring a couple on Sunday afternoons. This has enabled them to teach in our church. They teach at public school and have been enjoying attending the baptisms of some of their students, who ask them to attend at their churches.
Labor Day weekend will soon be here, a weekend where over 125,000 extra people come to our town for the Apple Festival. Main Street is closed for ten blocks and arejust 50 feet from the front door of our church. Tents will be put up and tables to give out gospels of John and Mark along with gospel tracts.
This also will include special gifts for the children. Please pray that we will be effective in witnessing to many about the love that God has for them and that they can know our Savior personally.
With all our busy schedule we didn’t plan Joyce breaking off a tooth and probably requiring removal of other teeth and replacing with a full denture.
Many of us believers have grown up with a lot of legalism, which means that we endeavored to win points with God by our behavior and do’s and don’ts. We praise the Lord for grace that doesn’t lower the standards, but raises them. The wonderful thing is that we are not under law but under grace. We have the completed scriptures and the Holy Spirit to rest upon to allow Christ to live His life in us with victory.
Very often we incorporate the contrast between legalism and grace. This does not mean that we can be casual or do as we please; but it means that we surrender to Jesus Christ and allow Him to live His life in and through us, who will always please His Father.
We ask you to pray that God will be the Great Physician to us to enable us to lead more people to enjoy freedom in Christ. We praise the Lord for the wonderful results of what proclaiming freedom and grace with the amazing love of Christ. We haven’t had to miss a beat yet; but we’re trusting the Lord to finish well. It’s such a blessing to be able to trust the Lord and depend upon Him to accomplish His perfect will.

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Full time biblical counselors and equippers serving with Freedom in Christ Ministries
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