October 31 – Asheville Meeting

Posted October 27th:

Dear ones,
There is a very popular holiday occurring this Friday. Please pray for our meeting this evening at 6:30. We will be speaking at an informal presentation on the Spiritual Realm along with a Q & A afterwards. The enemy doesn’t like to be exposed and we’ll be sharing the truth on the unseen world with a church in Asheville, NC. It is the church our president of the ministry attends and it is at his request. We covet your prayers for a hedge of protection around all who attend as well as an openness to hear the truth. Also, for clarity of minds as to what to share; we have enough material for a two-day seminar!

Thanks so much for caring and praying,

Paul & Joyce

Posted Nov. 3rd

Much thanks to all of  you who partnered with us in prayer for our event this past Monday where we spoke of the spiritual realm. It all went well; just not enough time to present everything. There were questions and comments at the end and some stayed over to chat some more.

A few days later we had a call from one of the participants and she wanted to come and share with us. It was very evident that the Lord orchestrated her even being there on Monday. God is so very good to His children.

Thanks again for your friendship, your partnership and your prayers.

Joyce & Paul

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Full time biblical counselors and equippers serving with Freedom in Christ Ministries
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